Becki Trachsel-Hesedahl - 2013 Artists in Action President

Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Wednesday - Small Group Artist Connect

Last night (May 2, 2012) was the 3rd installment of AiA's First Wednesday - Small Group Artist Connect.

This event has been taking place at the Governor's Cup, 471 Court Street Northeast  Salem, OR 97301.

This week we started at 7:30 pm and over the period of the evening I am guessing at least 30 AiA members and friends showed up to sit down in a very informal format to talk about their art and to share their art with the group. Several members brought their portfolios and one or two members brought some of their original art.

I really want to thank AiA Board Member, Kristin Blix for all her hard work putting together this very worthwhile and successful project. As I have mentioned before I see the Small Group Artist Connect as the primary outreach to AiA members and the community.

I want to thank all the folks that showed up and helped make this successful. I also want to thank the staff at the Governor's Cup for taking care of us. We actually stayed about 15 minutes past closing and the staff was very understanding. ;-)

If Small Group Artist Connect keeps growing "we are going need a bigger boat"!

Thanks again to everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


If you look under ANY Bulletin Board Category you will notice that ALL postings now have a facebook and Twitter "button" at the bottom of the posting. This allows ANY VISITOR to post an individual AiA Bulletin Board posting to their facebook and/or Twitter feed.

When you click on either the facebook or Twitter button a popup window will appear where you can login into your facebook or Twitter account. Then you will see an excerpt of how the posting will appear on your facebook or twitter feed and also the opportunity to "Write Something..." Click the "Share Link" button and your done.

Please "test drive" this new feature and start sharing all kinds of great AiA Bulleting Board information with the rest of your world!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Wednesday - Small Group Artist Connect

Hello Everyone,

We have created a NEW AiA Bulletin Board Category - "First Wednesday - Small Group Artist Connect"

Board Member Kristin Blix has come up with this great idea on how AiA Members can connect on a regular basis.

"...an informal setting where artists can meet, exchange ideas, share portfolios with each other and in general connect with other artists in a relaxed setting..."

Please visit the "First Wednesday - Small Group Artist Connect" category on the AiA Bulletin Board for more details.

Thanks to Kristin for coming up with this great idea!

Phil Krug - 2012 AiA President

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artists in Action 2011 - A year in review…

As AiA's 2011 official year comes to a close on January 17th 2012 I want to take a few minutes to recap the highlights and accomplishment of this past year.

Without all the fantastic help from AiA Member volunteers, the support of our community, the generous contributions of Merchants and our Sponsors, 2011 would not have been such a huge success.

Special thanks go to ALL the 2011 Event Chairs and their committees.

The VAST event, chaired by Cynthia Herron and Lorraine Dye

The World Beat Festival, chaired by Tricia Young. Tricia also donates the AiA double canopy setup for this event.

The Paint the Town event, chaired by Diane Trevett and Lori McLaughlin.

The Outside The Box, chaired by Diane Trevett.

The Something Red event, chaired by Marilyn Krug and supported by committee members Diane Trevett, Helen Wiens, Lori Pettenger and Joel Zak.
The 2011 Something Red event was a huge success and between Merchant and Sponsor support, the event brought in over $4,500 in fees and donations. The final numbers are still not in at this time but we are anticipating actually making a small profit from this event which will be a first!

Special thanks to Lorraine Dye for putting together and chairing two events at the Salem Heights Community Hall, Spring and Fall.

A huge thanks to Melody Fahey for continuing to chair AiA's only ongoing continuous art show at Spinnaker Place. 2011 was Melody's fifth year in making this happen and has rotated AiA artists through Spinnaker Place over 20 times!

Thanks to The Broadway Commons for providing AiA with a wonderful meeting space for our AiA Member Meetings at NO CHARGE for the entire year. And a special Thank You to Helen Wiens for making this happen.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the great support by the 2011 AiA Board, that without their help, time commitments and direction AiA would not exist.

Volunteerism makes AiA work and will continue to be the backbone of the organization.

Volunteerism is by definition is "the use or involvement of volunteer labor, such as community service and volunteering is generally consider an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve the human condition…"

Some "Technical" accomplishments in 2011
AiA Member Database
Online member registration and donation functions
Facebook and Twitter feeds

Thank you all, AiA Members!
Phil Krug
2011 AiA President

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Its been a very long time since I have written on the AiA President's Blog. Lots has been happening since my last post in January this year.

I wanted to write about a great example of folks coming together to make great things happen.

Last year the Broadway Commons announced that it would be offering their meeting rooms at no charge to non-profits organizations. I jumped on this opportunity but the response had already been overwhelming. Broadway Commons General Manager, Tim France asked me to contact him in January of 2011 to see if the dust had settled.

I contacted Tim sometime early this year but the situation didn't seem to have improved. AiA's Vice President Helen Wiens said she had some "connections" with Salem Alliance Church, the owners of Broadway Commons and she was willing to see what she could work out. Working with Tim France, Helen was able to secure 6 months of FREE meeting space through August 2011. This was great news. Not only was this going to save AiA around $75/month but the facility was first class with all kinds of hi-tech equipment and services.

Broadway Commons informed AiA that after August 2011 they would be charging for the meeting space. Helen contact Tim French to see what that would mean to AiA, specifically how much would it cost and was pleasantly surprised when Tim indicated that the Broadway Commons would be providing meeting space to AiA free of charge through February 2012!

The Broadway Commons indicated that they have heard great things about AiA and AiA member Ron Wolf has been very good to them.

AiA Member Ron Wolf has many of his photographic works throughout the building and Salem Alliance Church commissioned Ron to create several pieces from subjects around the Broadway Commons neighborhood. These commissioned works can be found in the Grant Room (RM 206), large meeting room on the second floor.

AiA will be saving $900 over the course of the year we will have been at the Broadway Commons. This savings will translate into dollars that we can use for AiA programs and activities.

So a special Thank You to Helen, Ron Wolf and The Salem Alliance Church.

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Phil Krug
2011 AiA President

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As most AiA Member know by now, AiA Member and Board Member Shirley Jo Falconer passed away on Sunday January 9, 2011.

Shirley has been very active in AiA for the past several years along with her Husband David.

I am sure David would very much appreciate hearing from AiA Members.
You can send a card to David via US Mail.

David Falconer
1418 S. 7th
Independence, Oregon 97351

According to Shirley's daughter Wendy, there is no service planned at this time. The family expects to have some sort of "open house" when the weather warms, so there can be flowers in the garden. They plan to have a lot of Shirley's art to share with everyone and will be sharing stories about Shirley's life. Shirley's artist friends are more then welcome to attend. I will pass on any information regarding this event as soon as it is available.

On a personal note, I would like to say how much I always enjoyed talking to Shirley. Shirley opened my eyes to the medium of Fabric Art. I really enjoyed Shirley's quick wit. Shirley was much sharper them most of us. I will miss her as will others in the art community in and around Salem.

Please keep David and his family in your thoughts and prayers. David certainly has had his share of challenges in the past few years.

Phil Krug
2010 AiA President

Friday, December 3, 2010


More photos HERE!

I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for making this year's Something Red Event a HUGE success.

I visited several participating businesses on Wednesday evening and they all said they had lots of folks stopping by to meet the artists and look at the art. Several businesses said this was the busiest Something Red they could remember.

The Something Red Awards Reception and Ceremony at the Reed was Fantastic! Diane Trevett and Jody Bartruff really went all out putting together three huge tables of food and beverages! I think there was at least twice the amount of things to eat and drink then past years and that was a good thing because I think we had at least twice the number of folks attending the reception! I also need to thank all the folks that donated the food and beverages! Way to go!

Special thanks to Liza Marshall for chairing this year's Something Red event. Liza did an outstanding job of putting together all numerous parts and pieces. Most of us don't have a clue just how many hours go into making this event a success.

Thanks go out to Diane Marks for her Design of the new Something Red “look” helped inspire us all. She designed the posters, postcards and the map cards that you can pick up here and at each business. She worked with Lisa and did the artwork for all of the advertising for Something Red.
She also worked closely with Suzi Bicknell of GoDowntown Salem to design some of their advertising. Also helped keep Lisa sane during all of this!

Thanks to Miriam Selby for her advice was invaluable in getting Something Red 2010 o to good start and to keeping it organized.

A huge thanks to our Jurors! What a great lineup!
Our Jurors:
Catherine Alexander, Galleries Curator and Galleries Director of the Salem Art Association.
Paula Booth, MFA, Gallery Director and Assistant Professor of Art at Western Oregon University
Our Guest Jurors:
Mayor Janet Taylor
Bill Church, Executive Editor of the Statesman Journal
Suzi Bicknell, Director of GoDowntown Salem

Catherine, Mayor Taylor, Bill and Suzi all showed up at the Awards Reception and Ceremony at the Reed and presented awards to artist! I think this was a first!

Special "Thank yous" to Roger Yost and Rebecca Maitland for allowing us to use Trinity Ballroom for our Intake and Judging. Also for allowing us to use “Gallery 205” for the month of December. (Those artworks are currently hanging in the Reception area for tonight only and will be back in Gallery 205 on December 2nd.) And for their continued support of the arts in Salem and to Artists in Action in particular. We appreciate everything that they have done for us in getting “Something Red 2010” o the ground.

Another "Special Thanks" to GoDowntown Salem Director Suzi Bicknell. Our partnership with GoDowntown Salem helps provide AiA with a huge amount of publicity that we couldn't otherwise afford. I am convinced that this partnership really helped make this year's Something Red so successful.

I want to thank all the The businesses that continue to support the Arts here in Salem and participate in “Something Red 2010” :

Reed Opera House
Allesandro’s Restaurant
Art Department
Cascade Bakery
Calusa Studio
Dave Wilson Designer-Goldsmith
The French Unicorn
Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest
Jonathan’s Restaurant
Rountree Gallery
Roy John Designer Goldsmith
Umpqua Bank
Wild Pear Restaurant

And last but certainly not least, all of the volunteers that helped with the intake of more then 100 pieces of art and those that helped get the artwork distributed to the participating businesses over the 2 weekends! On both days art was distributed we had at least 15 volunteers show up to make light work of the process. I think on both days we scheduled 5 hours to distribute the art but on both days it only took 2 hours to complete the tasks!
Thank you all so very much!!