Becki Trachsel-Hesedahl - 2013 Artists in Action President

Friday, April 23, 2010

ART SPEAKS: Are you Listening? --- enters the "BLOGESPHERE"

The AiA "Art Speaks "Are You Listening" event is really gaining a LOT of attention!

Barbara Curtin from the Statesman Journal has just posted a very nice piece on the Stateman Journal's "Mid-Valley Arts Notes" blog.

Additionally AiA is very excited about the upcoming First Wednesday event on May 5th where AiA's "Art Speaks "Are You Listening" event will be partnering with the folks putting on the National Historic Preservation Month.

Downtown celebrates National Preservation Month with the introduction of the new historic walking tour brochure, a component of the Preserve America Grant. The brochure compliments the historic plaques that are now on display in 32 locations, most within the downtown core. Join City leaders and period costumed characters who will introduce you to a self guided tour of the Downtown Historic District. Inspired, cultural singing by Rich McCloud starting at 6pm.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening Event Goes International!

AiA member Mitch Clason sold one of his pieces from the "ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening" event to Rachel Price-Kreitz, Professor of American History at the University of Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Rachel is "collecting" art from Oregon Artists and the AiA "ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening" event was the perfect opportunity for her to see and purchase art. After talking with Rachel I know she would have bought a lot more art from AiA artists if she could have figure out how to fit it all in her "carry on" bag.

Congratulation to Mitch for making his first "international" sale and a big "thank you" to Rachel for dropping by the AiA "ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening Event".

Rachel is here on a sabbatical while her husband, Ludwig Kreitz, who is at Willamette University on a "teaching sabbatical" teaching courses on the History of European politics as part of a faculty exchange program with the University of Strasbourg.

As part of the faculty exchange program, Willamette University President Lee Pelton is taking a sabbatical for the Spring of 2010, during which he will be in residence at the University of Strasbourg. President Pelton's area of academic focus is 19th century British prose and poetry, and his duties at the renowned French school may include teaching but are likely to focus primarily on research.

Phil Krug
2010 AiA President

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last night's "Art Speaks: Are You Listening?" reception and kickoff was a HUGE success. We are guessing at least 200 people came to the reception.

I want to personally thank Roger Yost for providing the space for the event! I also want to thank Suzi Bicknell of Go Downtown and Maitland for being the catalyst for this event and working with AiA Board Member Marilyn Krug to make this event happen.

Also on my list to thank for their help with the reception is Randy Flook who provided the wonderful music and Jon from the Wild Pear for providing a wonderful assortment of food and drink.

I want to thank AiA members Marilyn Krug, Mitch Clason, Lorraine Dye and Joel Zak for the MANY hours of VERY HARD work to put the "Art Speaks: Are You Listening?" event all together AND for their continued support in helping provide access to the general public through May 8, 2010.

These folks came together to not only do all the hard work of taking art in on Saturday April 3rd but they also did all the work associated with "staging" the art and producing a very professional exhibit. I was very impress with how the upper level turn out and how may people at the reception "found" their way upstairs to enjoy both the art and to discuss the art with the artists and other folks attending the reception.

Special "THANKS" to Diane Trevett for updating the AiA "sandwich" boards!

I want to thank ALL the AiA members that are participating in "Art Speaks: Are You Listening?" exhibit. I think there are about 140 pieces of art being displayed! You all deserve a huge thanks from the community for your efforts. Several times I overheard "visitors" stating how professional the art was and how well it was presented.

Thank you again, one and all for making AiA the best artist group I can imagine. I am very proud to be a member of AiA and look forward to many more outstanding AiA events in 2010.

Additional photos from the Art Speaks Reception are HERE.

Phil Krug
President AiA 2010