Becki Trachsel-Hesedahl - 2013 Artists in Action President

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Outside the Box" 2010 --

There are a couple of things that really stand out from this year's "Outside The Box" event and I wanted to take some time to acknowledge them.

First off, according to our preliminary calculations we have FAR exceeded previous years in terms of the total dollars we raised through this event. On Sunday we added up all the top bids and came up with a total of about $1,250 gross! We think previous years netted no more then $800. Of course we still have some expenses to deduct but it looks like 2010 will be a banner year for our "Outside the Box" event.

I do want to thank all the AiA members that contributed their time and talent to make this year's event a smashing success.

I want to take a moment to also thank one contributing artist in particular, Layne Young. Layne is NOT a member of AiA but when I told her about AiA's "Outside the Box" event she immediately wanted to donate one of her pieces to the event. Layne is one of the Studio Artists at Project Space 2010 and I would invite all of you to stop by Project Space 2010 to check out Layne's art in the Studio Artist Gallery.

Once again, Thank you one and all for making this year's Outside the Box event the event to remember...

Phil Krug
2010 AiA President

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Main Gallery Space

Studio Artist Gallery Space

I would like to invite everyone to visit the Salem Art Association's Project Space 2010 event as it enters its second month.

Project Space 2010 is an outstanding venue for seeing some very creative and cutting edge art. Project Space 2010 has over 20 local and regional artists contributing to this event.

Michael Boonstra is the Gallery Artist for July.

Jennifer Gimzewski, Layne Young and Marilyn Krug are the featured Studio Artists and have their gallery setup in the back on the first floor for the entire month of July.

Some background information about my role at Project Space 2010:

My role at Project Space 2010 is to document the entire 3 months of this event and create a book of this time period. Additionally I will be creating a second book related to Project Space 2009.

These "books" will document these events through images and text and be given to key participants of the events. Additional copies will be available to the general pubic for the cost of publication.

I have also become the chief facilities person, providing lighting and such for the exhibits. By default I am also doing all the design, hosting and administration for the Project Space 2010 web site.

Project Space 2010 is located at 150 Liberty St, NE, Salem Oregon. Open Tuesdays - Thrusdays 11 am till 6 pm & Fridays - Saturdays noon till 7 pm. Closed Sundays - Mondays

For MUCH more information please visit the Project Space 2010 web site.