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Saturday, April 17, 2010

ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening Event Goes International!

AiA member Mitch Clason sold one of his pieces from the "ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening" event to Rachel Price-Kreitz, Professor of American History at the University of Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Rachel is "collecting" art from Oregon Artists and the AiA "ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening" event was the perfect opportunity for her to see and purchase art. After talking with Rachel I know she would have bought a lot more art from AiA artists if she could have figure out how to fit it all in her "carry on" bag.

Congratulation to Mitch for making his first "international" sale and a big "thank you" to Rachel for dropping by the AiA "ART SPEAKS: Are You Listening Event".

Rachel is here on a sabbatical while her husband, Ludwig Kreitz, who is at Willamette University on a "teaching sabbatical" teaching courses on the History of European politics as part of a faculty exchange program with the University of Strasbourg.

As part of the faculty exchange program, Willamette University President Lee Pelton is taking a sabbatical for the Spring of 2010, during which he will be in residence at the University of Strasbourg. President Pelton's area of academic focus is 19th century British prose and poetry, and his duties at the renowned French school may include teaching but are likely to focus primarily on research.

Phil Krug
2010 AiA President

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