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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Its been a very long time since I have written on the AiA President's Blog. Lots has been happening since my last post in January this year.

I wanted to write about a great example of folks coming together to make great things happen.

Last year the Broadway Commons announced that it would be offering their meeting rooms at no charge to non-profits organizations. I jumped on this opportunity but the response had already been overwhelming. Broadway Commons General Manager, Tim France asked me to contact him in January of 2011 to see if the dust had settled.

I contacted Tim sometime early this year but the situation didn't seem to have improved. AiA's Vice President Helen Wiens said she had some "connections" with Salem Alliance Church, the owners of Broadway Commons and she was willing to see what she could work out. Working with Tim France, Helen was able to secure 6 months of FREE meeting space through August 2011. This was great news. Not only was this going to save AiA around $75/month but the facility was first class with all kinds of hi-tech equipment and services.

Broadway Commons informed AiA that after August 2011 they would be charging for the meeting space. Helen contact Tim French to see what that would mean to AiA, specifically how much would it cost and was pleasantly surprised when Tim indicated that the Broadway Commons would be providing meeting space to AiA free of charge through February 2012!

The Broadway Commons indicated that they have heard great things about AiA and AiA member Ron Wolf has been very good to them.

AiA Member Ron Wolf has many of his photographic works throughout the building and Salem Alliance Church commissioned Ron to create several pieces from subjects around the Broadway Commons neighborhood. These commissioned works can be found in the Grant Room (RM 206), large meeting room on the second floor.

AiA will be saving $900 over the course of the year we will have been at the Broadway Commons. This savings will translate into dollars that we can use for AiA programs and activities.

So a special Thank You to Helen, Ron Wolf and The Salem Alliance Church.

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Phil Krug
2011 AiA President

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