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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


March Exhibit "Rainfest 2010" could be renamed "It Takes A Community"! The reception at the Capital Center last Friday (Feb 26) was a blast, and the art really complemented the painted umbrellas. Wine and hors d'oeuvres were served and music by Randy Frooke wafted over the lively conversation.

The 2D Art Exhibit at two locations couldn't have happened without so much volunteer effort. I've made every effort to give credit where it's due.

Art take-in & setup at Capital Center for "Rainfest 2010": Lorraine Dye, Joel Zak, Phil Krug, Marilyn Krug, Mitch Clason, and Jodi Bartruff (thanks for the extra easels!),

Transporting art and setting up at 170 Liberty Street NE:
Mitch Clason, Maralynn Maltz, M & P Krug

New Signage for Windows: Diane Trevett did a fantastic job with an ultra tight turnaround.

And the downtown community! Thanks to Suzi Bicknell (Go Downtown), Rebecca Maitland and Roger Yost (Yost Properties), Mike (whose last name I forget - helped with exhibit set up and much more), Randy Flook (musician, artist and poster-maker). A big thanks to French Unicorn, for use of the exhibit space at 170 Liberty Street NE.

Suzi didn't just arrange the exhibit space for us, she swept the granite entry way to the sidewalk, and mopped it twice, borrowing mop & bucket from Engelbert's Antiques... Dan (no last name), who works for Roger, scrubbed the windows at 5:00 Wednesday morning. The building owner (aka French Unicorn) installed new lights in the exhibit space. What a great community we have.

We don't know how long we'll have this space beyond this month, but we are grateful for the hours of volunteerism to make this happen, to showcase local art! Artists represented are: Maralynn Maltz, Mitch Clason, Virginia Brush, Lorraine Dye, Melody Fahey, Marilyn Krug, Robin Lynn Freeburg, Patricia Young, Linda Lowery, Joel Zak, Diana Coomes Reynolds, Lynne Estep Gonder, Jody Bartruff, and Randy Frook. (If your name isn't listed here, you didn't sign in...)

It's a joy just to stand back and watch the passersby do a double and triple-take, then turn back and look at the art. Parents with children, singles stepping out of their lofts, business people... all taking a turn at appreciating YOUR art. Thank you. It's humble and gratifying to see first hand the enormous generosity and talent we have in our community.

Phil Krug
President Artists in Action

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